Welcome to our Pittsburgh Studio: Hazelwood website.


Herein are the results of a very fruitful collaboration between Penn State Landscape Architecture students, Hazelwood residents, and partner organizations through the Spring 2020 semester. We are excited to share our Hazelwood studio results with you!

The Pittsburgh Studio began in 2008 as a partnership between Professor Ken Tamminga’s upper-level urban studio and the newly-created Penn State Center–Pittsburgh. Since then we’ve worked with dozens of Pittsburgh communities in exploring possibilities for regeneration and enhanced vitality in their neighborhood. In the process, we’ve come to realize that locally-valued design in recovering post-industrial cities is largely about (re)kindling the imaginations of the residents and organizations who desire a better future. Together with our collaborators, we engage in processes of reciprocal learning, co-design, and joint authorship. In other words, we are more focused on “designing with” than “designing for”.


About us

What's Here?

Each of the projects showcased here in some way promotes our collective goals of inclusivity, restorative health, sustainability and conviviality. We truly hope that many of these ideas are put into action; after the semester concludes and students disperse, the Penn State Center staff and faculty remain ready to assist.

Here you will find a 3-volume set of downloadable PDF files of the full project booklets produced by each group. Also provided are narrated recordings that each student produced to summarize their project. Enjoy!


We extend our sincere thanks to our key organizational partners: Hazelwood Initiative, Inc., Center of Life, The Heinz Endowments, and Grounding Lab Art Studio. Their insight and support were essential to the success of the studio. Our abiding thanks to the Penn State Center, in particular Lisa Vavro and David Himes, for their capable roles as matchmaker, bridger and facilitator. And our appreciation to Prof. Tim Johnson for coming out of retirement and helping students sharpen their design visualization skills. Finally, we are deeply  grateful to the residents of Hazelwood for welcoming us into your community, for sharing your backstories and aspirations, and for engaging openly and creatively.




Students and Faculty of the Spring, 2020 Pittsburgh Studio


Madison Borsos, Bethany Gindhart, Quiannan Guo, Dillon Lance, Jiashang Liu, Alex Markovic, Charlotte Schmitt, Sara Schwartz, Lauren Taylor, Jake Tiernan, and Li Yan

Professor Ken Tamminga

LArch 414  Spring 2020